Club Directory | Boys & Girls Club of Sierra Vista

Board Officers:

The Board of Directors manages and oversees the Boys & Girls Club of Sierra Vista in the important areas of trusteeship, policy-making, fundraising and planning for the future.

Board President: Mark Dannels

President Elect: Dr. Ric E. Boyer

Treasurer: Michele Comstock

Board Development: Eunice Nelson

Secretary: Nicole Jackson

Board Members:

Dr. Maria Church

Sylvia Conklin

Midge Grieshop

Matt Johnson

Helen Manring

Kathy Orchekowsky

Rick Shelley

Mike Strange


Zanetta Boughan

Arleen Garcia

Neal Jackson

Bob Norquist

Patricia Norquist

Past Presidents:

Joe Kraps

Larry York

John Reichard

Tomas Gallegos

Kate Lawley

Linda Hoge Pattison

Helen Manring

Jocelyn Lawley

Kathy Orchekowsky

Deanna Coffman

Patricia Norquist

Administrative Staff:

Chief Professional Officer: Mr. Jay Hamwright

Administrative Assistant: Ms. Jazmin

Club Staff:

Clubhouse Director: Mr. Detric Miles

Lead Youth Development Specialist: Mr. Anthony

Techonology Leader: Ms. Liz

Teen Leader: Ms. Samantha

Front Desk Leader: Ms. Jazmin

Arts Leader: Ms. Erin

Sports & Fitness Leader: Mr. Kevin

Summer Seasonal Staff:

Ms. Desiree

Mr. Mark

Mr. Robert



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